exosip2ctypes package


exosip2ctypes.call eXosip call API
exosip2ctypes.context eXosip2 context API
exosip2ctypes.error Error definitions
exosip2ctypes.event eXosip2 event API
exosip2ctypes.register eXosip2 REGISTER and Registration Management
exosip2ctypes.sdp eXosip2 SDP helper API.
exosip2ctypes.utils Some helper functions
exosip2ctypes.version version infomation

Module contents

eXosip API

author:Liu Xue Yan

eXosip is a high layer library for rfc3261: the SIP protocol. It offers a simple API to make it easy to use. eXosip2 offers great flexibility for implementing SIP endpoint like:

  • SIP User-Agents
  • SIP Voicemail or IVR
  • any SIP server acting as an endpoint (music server…)

If you need to implement proxy or complex SIP applications, you should consider using osip instead.

Here are the eXosip capabilities:

  • REGISTER to rpc_handler registration.
  • INVITE/BYE to start/stop VoIP sessions.
  • INFO to send DTMF within a VoIP sessions.
  • OPTIONS to simulate VoIP sessions.
  • re-INVITE to modify VoIP sessions
  • REFER/NOTIFY to transfer calls.
  • MESSAGE to send Instant Message.
  • SUBSCRIBE/NOTIFY to rpc_handler presence capabilities.
  • any other request to rpc_handler what you want!



Default so/dll name, value is eXosip2


exosip2ctypes.initialize(path: str=None) → None:

Load libeXosip2 into this Python library

Parameters:path (str) – libeXosip2 SO/DLL path, default is None. When None or empty string, the function will try to find and load so/dll by DLL_NAME
Raises:RuntimeError – When failed loading so/dll


You MUST call this function FIRST to initialize libeXosip2, before any other actions!